About Us

Our Mission

To partner technology companies to develop, test, and deploy technologies that will assist in protecting our environment and its residents from criminal actions or threats, or from circumstances that make us vulnerable to threat. This mission statement recognizes criminal action is the primary threat to our nation and the quicker we send out alerts the closer we are to achieving our objective.

The percent of residents who we communicate with versus those actually contributing, is currently on about 2%. We need all residents to assist us by contributing R380.00 PER ANNUM for one cell number by debit order to receive information on happenings in the area. Eg: GCF Events, Robberies, Hijackings, Syndicates, etc. By contributing it will assist us in our costs involved in the day-to-day running of the GCF making Glenvista a better place to live.

We are far short of a fully populated database and we will never fully achieve our objective if we do not get more residents to buy into what we are striving for.

Extraordinary Experiences

We all know that the fastest way for information to pass from one person to the next. Or from one source to many sources is by SMS. The alternate communication source is obviously email.

We have introduced an “SMS Alertz” system whereby residents send an urgent SMS to one of three cell numbers. Before the SMS is sent to all the residents in the community – AND THE POLICE – the SMS unfortunately has to be vetted by the Chairman or Vice Chair of the Glenvista Community Forum, who will then determine whether in fact it is an alert and requires onward submission to all residents and SAPS.

The residents should send their 160-character Alert SMS to one of three numbers


Operation Center

The GCF has been running for 11 years now and has a central location where residents can visit, can be counselled, can report incidents and basically where we the committee can be more visible.

·         Community involvement
·         Quicker reaction service
·         Getting the police security and community                       working together
·         Coordination of security recourses
·         Education of criminal activity and preventative               strategies
·         Sharing of communication/information
·         Creating awareness


Reach Us

Location :
188 Biggarsberg Road Johannesburg South 2091


Phone :
076 898 8011